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Talk on Szyk’s Art at Dallas Holocaust Museum

Rogge Dunn, a Dallas-area art collector with a special interest in World War I and II propaganda posters, spoke January 12, 2015 on “Art as Propaganda and Persuasion.” In his presentation he discussed how Arthur Szyk used his artistic gifts to take a stand against... read more

Szyk work shows at Tucson Museum of Art

Arthur Szyk’s Portrait of Simon Bolivar (New Canaan, 1949) is one of 120 works of art comprising the exhibition “The Figure Examined: Masterworks from the Kasser Mochary Art Foundation” running Oct. 18, 2014 through Feb. 22, 2015. The featured works examine the... read more

Szyk’s work exhibited at Dallas Holocaust Museum

From Oct. 25, 2014 through Jan. 31, 2015, the Dallas Holocaust Museum hosts an exhibition of Szyk’s art entitled “Drawn to Action: The Life and Work of Arthur Szyk.” The exhibit is organized around the themes: Perpetrators, Resistance, Propaganda,... read more

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Freedom of Speech

President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered the “Four Freedoms” State of the Union address in January 1941 to prepare the nation for its entry into World War II. An inspired Szyk was among the first artists to illustrate the Four Freedoms, including the... read more

Happy Holidays

    The Arthur Szyk Society wishes everyone a very happy holiday full of friends, joy and laughter. In honor of the season we feature this new gallery of images taken from a series of Christmas cards that Szyk created in 1946.      Click on... read more

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“Art is not my aim, it is my means.” – Arthur Szyk