Political Art

“Arthur Szyk is one of the most original artists now working in the field of political cartooning…He makes not only cartoons but beautifully composed pictures which suggest, in their curiously decorative quality, the inspired illuminations of the early religious manuscripts.

“His designs are as compact as a bomb, extraordinarily lucid in statement, firm and incisive of line, and deadly in their characterizations…He concentrates his powers on people—on Hitler and his gang, fixing the guilt where it belongs and creating an immortal record of inhuman conduct and organized savagery.

– Thomas Craven, art critic, dust jacket of The New Order (1941)



Arthur Szyk, c. 1912. Political Cabaret Dancers. Paris.

Arthur Szyk, 1912. The Struggle of the Łódź Theater. Łódź

Arthur Szyk, 1914. Political Cartoon. Łódź

1915. Russian Soldiers. Postcard. Łódź

Arthur Szyk, 1915. Russian Soldiers (Postcard). Łódź

Arthur Szyk, c. 1919. Only the Volunteer Army and the Restoration Loan will Defend You. Łódź.

1919. Anti-war Cartoon. Postcard. Warsaw.

Arthur Szyk, 1919. Anti-war Cartoon. Warsaw.

Arthur Szyk, 1919. Illustration from Rewolucja w Niemczech [Revolution in Germany]. Łódź.

Arthur Szyk, 1927. Statut de Kalisz [Statute of Kalisz]. English Page. Paris

Arthur Szyk, 1929. Simon Bolivar and his Times. Peasants Revolt. Paris.

Arthur Szyk, 1931. Covenant of the League of Nations. Paris.

Arthur Szyk, 1934. The Haggadah. The Four Sons. Łódź.

Arthur Szyk, 1939. Warsaw (Postcard). London.

Arthur Szyk, 1940. Der Untermensch [A Madman’s Dream]. New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1941. The New Order (Dust jacket). New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1941. The Historic Poker Game. New York.

Arthur Szyk, December 22, 1941. Japan’s Aggressor: Admiral Yamamoto. Time Magazine cover. New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1942. Anti-Christ. New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1942. Nibelungen Series. Valhalla. New York.

Arthur Szyk, February 12, 1943. De Profundis [Out of the Depths]. The Chicago Sun. Chicago.

Arthur Szyk, 1943. Ballad of the Doomed Jews of Europe. Answer Magazine. New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1943. United in a Common Cause. New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1944. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Soldier in Art. New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1944. Libertad – Liberating the Oppressed or Oppressing the Liberators? New York.

Arthur Szyk, 1948. John Bull’s Puppet Show. New Canaan.

Arthur Szyk, 1949. “Do Not Forgive Them, Oh Lord, For They Do Know, What They Do.” New Canaan.

Arthur Szyk, 1949. A Farewell Message to the Former Attorney General Thomas C. Clark. New Canaan.

Arthur Szyk, 1951. “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.” New Canaan.

Arthur Szyk, 1951. Thomas Jefferson’s Oath. New Canaan.

Hard-hitting art backed by a sense of justice

1949. Do not forgive. New Canaan





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