Arthur Szyk Published in The Nation!

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Happy New Year! 2016 is already off to a great start: a brilliant new article by our own Allison Chang—Visualizing the Four Freedoms: FDR’s Fighting Artist, Arthur Szyk—was just published in The Nation, America’s oldest weekly magazine (and one of its most prestigious).

Continue reading for an excerpt, or click here to read the full article on The Nation’s site.

“…Broadcast live by radio to millions of American homes, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms were inspiring in their own right. However, it was the nation’s authors, film directors, and visual artists who would expand a brief sound bite into a compelling vision worth fighting and dying for. Two popular artists in particular, Norman Rockwell and Arthur Szyk (pronounced “Shik”), took the lead in presenting Roosevelts democratic worldview to the American public. Their individual styles and approaches couldn’t have been more different: Rockwell’s large-scale, realistic oil paintings tended to highlight the everyday heroism of the home front, while Szyk’s stylized watercolor miniatures and drawings presented the life-or-death struggle against global tyranny on the actual battlefield. Though both approaches were valid and effective, it was Szyks anti-Fascist images that told the full story of Roosevelts “arsenal of democracy,” deftly illustrating the righteousness and urgency of the Allied cause…”

This essay—which covers Szyk’s biography, his deep commitment to freedom and justice, the society-wide impact of his wartime art, and his advocacy for the Jewish people—will be a fabulous tool for The Society’s outreach to universities, museums, and cultural organizations worldwide. And since The Nation is a reputable national publication with a well-managed website, the article has the potential to be easily discovered by students, scholars, and educators while they conduct research online. (We’ve already seen an increase in the traffic to The Society’s website and expect more as the article continues to circulate on social media!)

1942. New York. Freedom from Fear

If you like Arthur Szyk, and if you enjoy the article—which takes about ten minutes to read—PLEASE share it with  your family, friends, and colleagues.

Let’s see how many people this article can reach in North America, Europe (especially Poland), and beyond!

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