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Just twenty years ago, if you wanted to view original Arthur Szyk art, you had to be a member of the Szyk family, or else a very fortunate collector. Thanks to the work of The Arthur Szyk Society, over the past decade or so you have had the opportunity to attend solo Szyk exhibitions at venues from California to Illinois to New York to Florida, as well as Poland and Germany.

Just fifteen years ago, if you wanted to read about Arthur Szyk and his art, you were out of luck. Except for his illustrated books, the only Szyk books available were in manuscript form—or in Yiddish. Thanks to the nonstop scholarship, networking and advocacy of The Arthur Szyk Society, you now have your choice of more than a dozen books, catalogues, and other publications, not to mention our annual newsletter.

Just ten years ago, if you wanted to watch a film about Arthur Szyk, you might have been able to track down a two-minute Universal Pictures short called “Cartoon Crusader” (1946). Thanks to the vision and cooperation of The Society, there are now three documentary films about Arthur Szyk: “In Every Generation: Remaking The Szyk Haggadah” (2008), “Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art” (2006), and “Arthur Szyk—Illuminator” (2005).

Just five years ago, if you wanted to research Arthur Szyk online, you might find something useful on Wikipedia or on The Society’s limited website. Now you can browse The Society’s rich new website in full confidence that you are reading up-to-date and fully accurate information.

Within the next five years, we hope to:

  •     Launch the Arthur Szyk Image Database to the public
  •     Facilitate major exhibitions of Szyk original art in New York and Western Europe
  •     Curate a second traveling exhibition on the art of Arthur Szyk
  •     Partner with educators to develop curriculum for senior high and college students
  •     Produce a full-length film on Szyk’s life and art.
Whether or not those hopes become a reality is entirely up to you.

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Though annual dues from the members of The Arthur Szyk Society cover much of the cost of The Society’s  day-to-day operations, our special projects are only possible through the support of generous individuals and foundations.
Several special projects are currently under development, including:

For more information on how you can become a patron of one of these projects, please contact Society Curator Irvin Ungar directly at or 650.343.9588.

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The Arthur Szyk Society wishes to thank its membership and major donors for their generous support:
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